Raw&Co is a “cabinet of curiosities”, a place where different objects—diverse in both era and origin — are brought together in a sophisticated and harmonic environment. This setting, with a strong decorative appeal, unveils the cultural imagination and style of the founders, Paolo Badesco and Costantino Affuso — interior designer and architect, respectively. A wide and varied selection of vintage objects and pieces of furniture are laid out and mixed with an assortment of the many brands that are hosted in the boutiques at Corso Magenta 10, and Via Palermo 1. The areas are arranged according to strict curatorial criteria, accommodating objects in line with the stylistic vision of the two creators, in a reflection of their continuous research.

Raw&co’s lifestyle is not only a collection of vintage items, but it also includes contemporary wallpaper, lighting, and furnishings: Wall&decò, a leading company dealing in Made in Italy wallpapers, relies on the contributions of designers and creative minds, including Raw&co, for its annual collection of ‘contemporary wallpapers’. The walls of both the stores change according to the season, each time featuring new scenes. Raw and Company has a precise meaning; it is a stylistic tale that celebrates interiors in a timeless way: vintage furnishings dating back to the early years of last century, with forays into the 60s and 70s, blended with a repertoire of ornaments, accessories, and other objects produced by brands that have a common denominator – research, quality, exclusivity and history. 

Experience in the field of interior design and the numerous collaborations with other companies and brands from the sector have cemented Raw&co’s role as an interior design consultancy. Strengthened by Studio Paolo Badesco&Partners’s decades of experience, clients approaching Raw&co often wish to be advised not only in their choice of furniture, but also in relation to the whole project.